Tired of making nearly zero interest in money market or savings accounts?  Looking for something more than the average 2.8% Wall Street return?  Consider investing with Pinhas Properties.

Private Loans

We offer investors anywhere between 5-10% to investors on loans ranging from 1 to 15 months depending on the project.  We never ask for LTV (loan-to-values) above 80% – we believe we should always have financial consideration in any project we undertake.

Limited Partnerships

This is the type of partnership where an investor wants to invest but not be involved in day-to-day decisions or have liabilities associated with owning of a property.  This option is best for an investor who wants to share profit as opposed to receiving a pre-negotiated flat rate.  Pinhas Properties can offer this option only as opportunities arise.

General Partnerships

This type of partnership is best suited for others with real estate experience – whether it be other investors, builders, agents, or land-owners.  It involves sharing of work, liabilities, and equity.

*Please note that all investment opportunities are on a property by property basis.

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